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Who is Behind Gut Busters?

Lisa Budd is the owner and operator of Budding Nutrition and Gut Busters. She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN) and nutritional consultant and wellness coach.In 2010, Lisa formulated a powerful digestive mixture with nutritional elements to assist with detoxification, weight management, and daily cleansing.

Gut Busters is helping an abundance of individuals gain richness in their lives while losing pounds and the unwanted pain from digestive discomfort. Lisa continues to pump nutrition and wellness through the veins of her ever growing community.

Go Ahead and Count 'Em — Twelve

All Natural Ingredients

Chia Seeds


"Chia" is Mayan for strength

Used to repair damaged or

inflamed digestive tracts

Buckwheat Groats


Gluten free seeds

Strengthens capillary walls

Regulates cholesterol levels



Gluten free, edible seeds

A complete protein

High in minerals & vitamins

Golden Flax Seed


High levels of dietary fiber

Helps lower cholesterol levels

Contains omega-3 fatty acids

Organic Dried Apricots


High in antioxidants

A great source of fiber

Helps relieve constipation

Hulled Pumpkin Seeds


Source of protein, fat & iron

High content of zinc

Helps ward off disease

Bee Pollen


High in vitamins, minerals

Results in increased energy

Improves digestive health

Coconut Sugar


Low glycemic index food

High mineral & vitamin content



Rich in essential fatty acids

High in fiber & vitamin E




Aids in digestion and absorption

Increases blood flow



Helps to balance blood sugar

Has antiviral properties

Sea Salt


Balance electrolytes

Contains iodine which is essential

For feeding the thyroid gland

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